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If you are passionate about film making and or visual effects and want to learn how to create stunning FX from home, this course is for you! Don't be scared if you are new to VFX (visual effects). I will walk you through each step and make the process enjoyable, creative and fun.
VFX Workflow


Learn profesional VFX software

We will be using Adobe Photoshop, Fuse, Mixamo, After Effects, Syntheyes, Mocha Pro, 3D Coat, Cinema 4D, Octane, Redshift, X-Particles, Blackmagic Fusion and The Foundry's NUKE. If you dont have some all of these software its okay, these principles can be applied using other software as well.

VFX Process

Learn the VFX workflow

Learn the VFX process & create a stunning VFX shot from beginning to end. By the end of this course you will be able to create your own cinematic VFX on a small budget.

Course Includes

What do enrolled students get?

  • Lifetime Access

    Enrolled Students will have lifetime access to all lessons and content. This can even be helpful as a reference guide on your projects.

  • Over 20 Hours of Video Tutorials

    Online access to over 20 hours of video tutorials by logging into your account. Check your progress and course updates as well.

  • Assets & Downloads

    Green screen footage, projects files and assets will be provided for all enrolled students to use during this course and on their personal projects.

Reviews from Students

5 star rating

VFX crash corse, amazing global courses about so much things

Julien Amar

I learned so much with this course. modelling, compositing, rendering... A must to have

I learned so much with this course. modelling, compositing, rendering... A must to have

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0 star rating

Good Ideas

Edward Torres

You bring ideas for the cheapest way possible. Thanks!!

You bring ideas for the cheapest way possible. Thanks!!

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5 star rating

amazing so far

mostafa alsalman

it was amazing to know this little trick that can make difference

it was amazing to know this little trick that can make difference

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5 star rating

Lesson 3 Creating Concept Art: PART 2

Ben Weaver

Love this lesson. Great tip on the overall levels to check your objects in 3D space.

Love this lesson. Great tip on the overall levels to check your objects in 3D space.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Welcome to the VFX CRASH COURSE!

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    • 50% Off ENTIRE Purchase



    • VFX Starterpack 50% Discount

  • 2

    GOLDEN RULES of VFX & Compositing

    • Motion

    • Depth

    • Light & Color

    • Perspective

  • 3

    Lesson 1: Getting Inspired & Production Tips!

    • Part 1: Getting Inspired & Coming up with Ideas

    • Part 2: High Production Value with a Minimal Budget

  • 4

    Lesson 2: Finding & Working with Clients

    • Lesson 2: Finding & Working with Clients

  • 5

    Lesson 3: Creating Concept Art (Photoshop Basics)

    • Lesson 3 Creating Concept Art: PART 1

    • Lesson 3 Creating Concept Art: PART 2

  • 6

    Lesson 4: Creating an Animatic (C4D, Octane Basics, Adobe Fuse & Mixamo)

    • Storyboard & Animatics Overview

    • Part 1: Cinema 4D Basics

    • Part 2: Octane Basics

    • Part 3: Creating an Animatic

    • Part 4: Using Adobe Fuse & Mixamo

    • Part 5: Camera Projections & Lighting

    • Part 5: Camera Projections & Lighting continued

    • Part 6: Object Bashing & Texturing

  • 7

    Lesson 5: Planning for Production

    • Part 1: Planning for Production with a Director of Photography

  • 8

    Lesson 6: VFX Supervising

    • How to VFX Supervise

  • 9

    Lesson 7: How & What to film on set for VFX ( ON SET)

    • Filming on a Green Screen

  • 10

    Lesson 8: Preparing Footage (After Effects)

    • Preparing Footage for Keying & Tracking

    • Denoised Green Screen Footage (For educational purposes)

  • 11

    Lesson 9: Tracking Basics (Syntheyes. Mocha Pro, Cinema 4D)

    • Part 1: Tracking in Mocha

    • Part 2: Tracking in Cinema 4D

    • Part 3: Tracking in Syntheyes

    • Part 4: Camera Animation Tips


  • 12

    Lesson 10: Sculpting & Texturing CG Environment (3D Coat \ C4D )

    • LESSON 10: INTRO

    • Part 1: 3D Coat Basics

    • Part 2: Sculpting & Texturing Environment


  • 13

    Lesson 11: Rendering in Octane (C4D \ Octane)

    • INTRO: Rendering in Octane

    • Part 1: Setting up Scene for Octane

    • Part 2: Matte Painting & Projections (Octane)

    • Part 3: Rendering (Octane)

    • Part4: Adding more details to Environment (C4D / Octane)

  • 14

    Lesson 12: Rendering in Redshift (C4D \ Redshift)

    • INTRO: Rendering In Redshift

    • Part 1: Setting up Scene (C4D, Redshift)

    • Part 2: Texturing Environment & Projections Part 1 (Photoshop, C4D, Redshift)

    • Part 3: Setting up Projections Part 2 (C4D, Redshift, Photoshop)

    • Part 4: Simulating, Texturing Trees and Foliage (C4D, Redshift, Forester)

    • Part 5: Rendering In Redshift Basics (C4D, Redshift)

    • Part 6: Rendering Our Project (C4D, Redshift)

  • 15

    Lesson 13: Fire Smoke Simulations (After Effects, C4D, X Particles, Turbulance FD)

    • INTRO: Dynamics & Simulations

    • Part 1: Dynamics & Simulation Basics

    • Part 2: Destruction! Physics (C4D, Voronoi Fracture)

    • Part 3: Simulating Particles (Cinema 4D \ Xparticles)

    • Part 4: Simulating Smoke & Fire (Xparticles EXPLOSIA)

    • Part 5: Rendering Volumes (Octane)

    • Part 6: Rendering Volumes (Redshift)


  • 16


  • 17

    Lesson 14: Rotoscoping in Mocha Pro

    • INTRO: Rotoscoping in Mocha Pro

    • Rotoscoping In Mocha Pro

    • Favorite Roto Techniques

  • 18

    Lesson 15: Compositing in Nuke

    • INTRO: Compositing in Nuke

    • Part 1: Setting up Project in NUKE

    • Part 2: AOV (Multipass) Compositing in NUKE

    • Part 3: Keying, Roto & Despill in NUKE

    • Part 4: 3D Compositing & Color Matching in NUKE

    • Part 5: Dirty Details and Grading in NUKE

  • 19

    Lesson 16: Compositing in Fusion

    • INTRO: Compositing in Blackmagic Fusion

    • Part 1: Setting up Project in Fusion

    • Part 2: Keying, Roto & Despill in Fusion

    • Part 3: Setting Up Multipasses in Fusion

    • Part 4: 3D Compositing in Fusion

    • Part 5: Coloring & Dirty Details in Fusion

  • 20



    • Invest in YOU!

    • Get PAID for being creative!

    • Share what you have created!

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Meet Your Instructor

Aaron Sorensen

VFX Central Creator / VFX ARTIST

Hey Friends! I am full time VFX Artist/Compositor and have worked with companies such as Disney, ILMxLABS, LucasFilms, The VOID and many more! I am the creator of VFX Central and the VFX Academy. I've presented at SIGGRAPH and NAB and I love passing on my knowledge and secrets to help other artist grow in their craft!

This is what professional VFX artists are saying

“The best thing about the VFX crash course is seeing Aaron creatively problem solve throughout the course of one project. The way he works around technical issues and creative roadblocks as well as the resources he pulls from to finalise the shot makes some of the more technical areas of the pipeline like lighting, matte painting and compositing way less intimidating than I thought they were. It's a real springboard forward in to tackling the VFX pipeline and realizing that at it's core it really is fun, challenging and rewarding experimentation that will allow you to learn the skills needed to make great work.”

Dane Armour // Senior Layout Artist at Animal Logic

“This course is a must have! I buy lots of classes and this is one of the best! Goes very in depth about everything from lighting, compositing, FX simulations, lighting live action actors and bringing them into your CG scenes. You really couldn't get anymore bang for your buck anywhere else. Anyone from beginner to professional could really get something from this. Also really caters to the consumer by knowing you really don't have access all the expensive programs, so Aaron teaches with the products that's attainable.”

Mike Johnson // Lead CG Generalist and Matte Painter at Blur Studio

“The beauty of this course is that it’s deep and extensive. Aaron isn’t messing around and over the span of 20+ hours you’ll see a single shot evolve to the level of studio quality. Not many other courses out there cover a workflow like this so thoroughly, and it speaks to the nature of our jobs as 3D artists today, that we have to get comfortable combining the right tools for the job to get the best results. Luckily, Aaron makes the process easy to follow and exciting, and this generalist mindset will empower you to direct your own projects and fully realize your creative vision on your own. Following along will push you outside your comfort zone and inspire you to get into these powerful new tools that will rapidly advance the quality of your artwork. I loved the class and I hope you’ll check it out! -- David Ariew (Octane Jesus)”

David Ariew // AE / C4D / OCTANE ARTIST

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